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Also banned were saunas, contact sport and dental surgery, while the tissue around the cones healed.I was also ordered to sleep on my back for five nights — the biggest problem of all.A more public low-point followed one evening when, on my way home from work, a woman in her 30s stood up to offer me her seat on the Tube.Not so long ago, that act of kindness would have propelled me on to a crash diet, convinced she thought I looked pregnant.And so I made an appointment with Dr Pizzamiglio at Dr Leah’s clinic, in Moorgate, London.The ten local anaesthetic injections into each side of my face were, I was relieved to discover, the worst part of the whole procedure.With the procedure’s previous incarnation, the cones only pointed downwards, embedding themselves into the facial tissue to keep the thread in place, and at the same time causing inflammation beneath the skin to stimulate production of collagen, the protein that provides scaffolding for the face. As well as stimulating collagen production, the upward ones push into facial tissue, making skin tauter and giving more of a lift.Effects are meant to last around 18 months, at which point the threads and cones — which contain polylactic acid, the biologically-compatible substance used in suture threads and orthopaedic pins — biodegrade and are absorbed into the body.

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I’d not seen myself in profile for some time and struggled with the harsh truth: my face, like the rest of me, was heading south.According to a genetic study by Embrapa, corn cultivation was introduced in South America from Mexico, in two great waves: the first, more than 6000 years ago, spread through the Andes.Evidence of cultivation in Peru has been found dating to about 6700 years ago.My surgeon, Dr Roberto Pizzamiglio, trained Leah, along with hundreds of other medics, in how to perform the Silhouette Soft lift, in which fine threads with tiny cones along the length of them are sewn into the face, beneath the subcutaneous layer of fat, with a needle, then pulled tight, gently lifting sagging skin.