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The Technical Assistance Program for Watersheds (TAPwaters) is dedicated to the use of geographic information system (GIS) and hydrological modeling technology for the advancement of watershed research and management.

The TAPwaters office is located in the Spring Creek annex and houses two high-end workstations, a 4x5-ft.

This can speed up the process, as the required 21-day sitting time (to reach secular equilibrium) can then begin as soon as you're done with the capping and go on during shipping.

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When an organism dies, carbon is no longer incorporated into its tissues, but the radiocarbon present continues to decay at a known rate. The Pb-210 and Cs-137 datation service is also offered for sediments.digitizing tablet, and a 54-inch wide-format plotter.A continuing task for the TAPwaters office will be to produce watershed models for tributaries to the St.With every shipment of many unknown-age samples we must add samples coming from oxalic acid transformation (which is the international standard reference material for all radiocarbon laboratories), inert samples to determine the background value (blanks) as well as known-age samples (secondary standards), coming from multi-laboratory calibration.

This procedure assures a never-ending following of the quality, accuracy and precision of the results given to customers.

CEN radiochronology laboratory also offers Pb-210 dating.

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