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27-Mar-2017 10:28

If you have a virtual server, you probably use a control panel to access your server such as c Panel, Plesk, ISPmanager or any custom panel by Host Gator or other hosting company.An essential utility is the File Manager, necessary to unpack archives.Although dating scripts have profile import capabilities, we tend to ignore those and upload profiles directly onto the database and the server file structure in order to undertake classifier matching.Most modern dating scripts allow you to setup your profile fields.Furthermore there are tools we require to access the My SQL database (usually php My Admin).Giving control panel access to anyone is relatively safe, especially if you trust the professionalism of your supplying partner.

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Of course, these are not all the sites that are in our portfolio, we just do not have time to publish all of them.

It is possible to add more genders, such as gay couples, relationships and marital status as well as add new fields.