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06-Apr-2017 03:39

This was the time when my older sister, Jessica, had already moved out to college.

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I had grown out of my nature addiction, but I was still a person that liked going out and meeting people instead of talking through a phone.Time passed and I grew out of my "addiction" to adventures.About a month after I turned 18 Aunt Valerie called mom.Dad agreed but argued that it would be the last road trip before I went off to college, so I gave in and agreed to go.

Aunt Valerie and Mom shouted happily and hugged me tight. Here's the part where I tell you about my smoking hot mom and Aunt Valerie.When Aunt Val moved in she started wearing things that were more comfortable to her like leggings.A week after she moved in I woke up and saw Aunt Val in the kitchen making herself breakfast in some skin tight leggings and almost blew my load in my boxers.This one time I needed it was because I needed something that would help me masturbate if I got a sudden hard-on because of Aunt Val and Mom.