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I endeavoured after a Sight of them, but they were then either loſt, or ſo miſlaid, that there was no coming at them.AND if I add to all this, an Illneſs of many Months, and which it pleaſes God ſtill to continue, HOWEVER in the midſt of all this Malice and Ill-nature and theſe Diſappointments, there were ſome ſo communicative, and generouſly aſſiſting, as to give all the Help they could. IT will neither be neceſſary nor proper for me at this Time to anſwer the trifling Objections above-mention'd.BUT there are two grand Diſappointments I met with in the Compiling of this Performance, which muſt not be untaken Notice of. Elliſon's Collection of the Antiquities of this Town.A few indeed were ſent me, but having the ſame Copy from Mr.Grey ex Xiphilin'.] Barbarians, as neither Pleaſant nor Fruitful; but this nether Part was fairly reduc'd to a Roman Province; which was not governed by Conſular, or Proconſular Deputies; but was counted Praeſidial, and appropriate to the Caeſars, as being a Province annex'd to the Empire, after the Diviſion of Provinces made by Auguſtus, and having Propraetors of its own.HADRIAN, who was made Emperor about the Year of our Lord 117, made the ſecond Wall.THESE are all the Walls of the Romans; and that three of them went through this Town is ſomething more than probable.

BY theſe Means I am certain I have been hindred of many Materials.A [Note: Cambd.] Fifth Wall was built between the two Arms or Boſoms of the Seas for many Miles together, that where the Waters did not defend them, the Wall might be a Security againſt the Incurſions of the Enemy. ] they made a Wall of Stone (not raiſed at the publick and private Coſts, as the other was) with the Help of the poor Natives, built after the uſual Manner, quite croſs the Country from one Sea to another, by thoſe Cities which were perhaps built there for fear of the Enemy: They exhorted them to be couragious, and left them Patterns to make their Weapons by.This Wall was made by Carauſius, Governour of Britain, in the Reign of Diocleſian, and ſtood in the ſame Place where Lollius Urbicus had built his. Upon the Southren Shore of Britain alſo, where their Ships lay, (becauſe the barbarous Enemy might enter there) they built Turrets at ſome Diſtance from one another, that lookt a long Way to the Sea.HOWEVER after this, [Note: Cambd.] that further Part of the Iſland was left to the [Note: The inhabitants went naked, had no Houſes to live in, neither did they Till the Ground.

Date. Originator. Description. Digital copy on TUC Collections web site digital versions on other web sites are saved under the description. AB. 1. "Join UCU now. The success of Fascism in Spain would endanger the liberites of the. Workers in all Countries. Fascism means the horrors of the Concentration Camps.… continue reading »

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