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France faced the most massive task of reconstruction, the most direct threat of German revenge, and the most immediate responsibility for executing the armistice and peace treaties by dint of its contiguity with Germany.Clemenceau, therefore, sought material advantage from the peace according to a traditional balance-of-power viewpoint and did so with almost universal support in the government. The first involved future security against German attack: Germany remained far more populous and industrial than France, and now France’s erstwhile eastern ally, Russia, was hors de combat.India alone provided 943,000 soldiers and workers to the British war effort, and the French empire provided the home country with 928,000.

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Such governments still practiced an old diplomacy of secret alliances, militarism, and balance of power politics that bred distrust, suspicion, and conflict.He expected a functioning League of Nations to correct whatever errors and injustices might creep in to the treaties themselves.Liberal internationalism set the tone for the Paris Peace Conference.A century before, Europe’s aristocratic rulers had convened in the capital of dynasties, Vienna, to fashion a peace repudiating the nationalist and democratic principles of the French Revolution.

Jul 1, 2008. continued to work intermittently on my China-India book for several months. I have benefited greatly. advanced Chinese-language skills for most senior jobs, partly by massive Han-. Chinese transmigration. While the US–Pakistan alliance dating from 1954 was an unstable, intermittent Cold War.… continue reading »

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Mar 16, 2018. Neil deGrasse Tyson has a problem with NASA, though the issue is not really about science, but language. More specifically, it's about acronyms and abbreviations, and the difference between them—a distinction he thinks NASA has made confusing for the general public. NASA maintains a list on its.… continue reading »

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