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Using a proprietary Bayesian-based formula that takes the number of ratings into consideration by applying a weighted rank or rating (WR) behind the scenes. The averages (scores) and number of ratings are displayed for reference purposes.

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Some bottlers carried a line of seltzer, adding carbon dioxide to water to make it effervescent.Often someone will dig up a contour or "hobble skirt" bottle from the 1920s and immediately assume they've struck gold.They're often disappointed to learn that even the earliest of the contour bottles are not terribly valuable because the bottles were produced in the millions.Many collectors are intent on getting every variant of those bottles. C., and at that time nobody had ever found one from there.

Veteran collector John Thom of Woodstock, Ga., has accumulated bottles from 1,200 of the 1,450 different towns he has identified that bottled . I paid and today it's probably worth 0 to 0." John started collecting bottles about 25 years ago when he was digging at a home site and found several old Coke bottles from the 1940s.

The straight-sided bottles can vary in value from up to around 0, depending on the condition and the uniqueness.