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When Bataan and Corregidor fell, 11 Navy nurses, 66 army nurses, and 1 nurse-anesthetist were captured and imprisoned in and around Manila. Florence Mac Donald, accompanied severely wounded patients from Sternberg aboard the improvised hospital ship Mactan that departed Manila shortly after midnight of the New Year of 1942 for Australia. However, they were stranded on Mindanao and became prisoners.At the outset of World War II, US Army and US Navy nurses were stationed at Sternberg General Hospital in Manila, and other military hospitals around Manila. They were transferred to Manila and interned at Santo Thomas University.They provided care and comfort to the gallant defenders of Bataan and Corregidor.They lived on a starvation diet, shared the bombing, strafing, sniping, sickness and disease while working endless hours of heartbreaking duty.

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Harley followed his father's example into a life in crime, although Edwards says that wasn't at his father's urging.Cobb, were transferred to a new internment camp at Los Baños, where they established a new infirmary and continued working as a nursing unit.Access to outside food sources was curtailed, the diet of the internees was reduced to 960 calories per person per day by November 1944, and further reduced to 700 calories per person per day by January 1945.By 1970, Satan's Choice had some 300 members and chapters across Canada, making it the second largest biker club in the world.

Guindon took the name from another disbanded club in Toronto, and he was president by the time he was 22.

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Jennifer Smith Susan wrote "1 view. The Prisoner of Heaven & The Angel's Game This will have spoilers. edit Susan 0 minutes ago. Okay, I read The Prisoner of Heaven, and have been saying that it ties up loose ends with a." I adored the Angel's Game, I won't believe that David didn't really meet Corelli, I just won't!… continue reading »

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Jul 27, 2017. “It used to be, you could ask a life term inmate if they had ever known anybody that had received a parole date and the answer was 'no,'” Shaffer said. “Now there is not a. Jazmine Ulloa covers California state politics and policy for the Los Angeles Times and is based in Sacramento. A native of El Paso.… continue reading »

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We receive over 1,000 pieces of mail each month, and are currently overwhelmed with requests from inmates and their families. Everything we do is accomplished only with the help of volunteers, small donations, and money from our own pockets. As of October 2017, we are taking a hiatus from NEW INMATE REQUESTS.… continue reading »

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Apr 28, 2017. Read story transcript. In today's world of biker gangs, the Hell's Angels reign supreme. No other biker gang has the numbers, the influence — or the criminal reach — of the world's most famous motorcycle club. But there was a time when another club — a Canadian biker club — challenged the Hell's.… continue reading »

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Mar 5, 2018. Providing unconditional loving support to children who have or have had a parent in prison, and those who are charged with caring for them, through volunteers. Those who care for them equally need our love and support. Somebody has to step up and make a difference in their lives Is it going to be you.… continue reading »

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Nov 18, 2014. With rouged lips, long hair and a strut that would give Naomi Campbell pause, Dave Williams, 47, works the 75-foot runway that stretches between crowded rows of green chipped-paint bunk beds at the L. A. County Sheriff's Men's Central Jail. Williams, a transgender inmate known on the inside as Yah Yah.… continue reading »

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