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08-Jul-2017 20:29

The precursor to Internet forums like 2channel and 4chan were textboards like Ayashii World and Amezou World that provided the ability for anonymous posts in Japan.These "large-scale anonymous textboards" were inspired by the Usenet culture and were primarily focused on technology, unlike their descendents.Such data, however, can only be accessed by the particular site administrator.

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This was primarily used for discussion on newsgroups pertaining to certain sensitive topics.

The mildly derogatory term is meant to chide anonymous contributors into logging in.

Disinhibition can result in misbehavior but can also improve user relationships.

The Philippine government passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act on 12 September 2012, which among other things grants the Department of Justice the ability to "block access to 'computer data' that is in violation of the Act; in other words, a website hosting criminally libelous speech could be shut down without a court order".

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Under the Defamation Act 2013, in an action against a website operator, on a statement posted on the website, it is a defence to show that it was not the operator who posted the statement on the website.

There was also the introduction of anonymous remailers which were capable of stripping away the sender's address from mail packets before sending them to the receiver.