Aryan dating page

08-Feb-2017 18:09

Even with the apparent presence and success of what we see as non-white cultures in Ancient America, Asia and the Near East, there are myths telling us that these cultures have their origin in ancient white civilization. As the great National Socialist ideologist Alfred Rosenberg pointed out in his book The Myth of the Twentieth Century, with the emergence of new discoveries, we are forced to literally rewrite the history books.

Rosenberg writes: The old images of the human past have faded, the outlines of leading personalities are distorted, their inner driving forces falsely interpreted, their whole nature for the most part totally misjudged.

This author maintains that these were not extraterrestrials but advanced proto-European peoples who in a distant age, had the ability to traverse the globe and carry with them the basis of their civilization with its advanced technology including knowledge of astronomy, architecture, medicine, and the roots of Indo-European religion and culture that they passed down to those that were civilized.It is clear that the ancient white Aryan race had been watching the stars and tracing the movements of the heavens for many tens of thousands of years.Could there have been a great white civilization now lost to the ravages of time?In short, we are preceded by what can only be called forgotten ancestors, a bloodline that has long passed from racial memory.

Graham Hancock speaks from a chiefly multicultural standpoint.It was based on calculations he made regarding the stone monuments and pyramids at the Giza plateau.Robert Bauval never made the connection between this “First Time” and the awesome legacy of prehistoric whites.A youthful life force—which also knows itself to be age old—is impelled toward form; an ideology, a Weltanschauung, has been born and, strong of will, begins to contend with old forms, ancient sacred practices, and outward standards.” In the early 1990s, the late German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt uncovered the ancient site of Gobekli Tepe, and an advanced series of temple-like structures and T-shaped pillars dating back to profound antiquity. C., corresponding to the date established by the Greek philosopher Plato for the destruction of Atlantis, over 12,000 years ago, a time Europeans were supposedly huddled together in caves with no advanced culture whatsoever.