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24-May-2017 17:08

It occurs only when the man has reason to feel the woman ”belongs” to him, as he might if they were married.

In fact, most of the time I hear of someone being promiscuous, it is the woman herself who describes her behavior to me that way.

She slept with the next half-dozen men who came along before she was convinced that I was right.

A second woman was strongly affected by a bizarre experience that occurred to her.

A few of these women had families who were notably not caring and not supportive.

The more recently defined term, “sexual addict,” refers to compulsive sexual behavior, usually on the part of a man.

“I felt better when I realized that men were interested in me.” She felt more desirable and better about herself despite the general opprobrium for this kind of behavior.

But being insecure is not uncommon for young women.

Why does someone engage in sex to reassure herself when others do not resort to this device?

I think it is fair to say that these particular girls and women have fewer emotional resources to rely on when coping with the very common feelings of inadequacy that probably everyone feels from time to time growing up.

Young men who engage in similar behaviors are not thought of quite the same way.