Bach trumpet serial number dating

20-Nov-2017 10:12

I came across an older gentleman that is a friend of the family that has offered to sell me one of the many Strads he has acquired over the years. He has them priced so that the later serial numbers are a couple of hundred dollars higher. Although a Yammie Zeno is a good horn and quite popular, and although the Bach 37 isn't my cup of tea (I play a 43 lightweight most of the time), a good Bach 37 is a great horn that will last you a lifetime.

They all play similar with nice fast valves, tone is similar, all intonate well, and all are in excellent condition with only minor wear. If you have a more practiced friend, let him try them out.

The horns that came just prior to 646013 are hit and miss IMO. Eb_________________Eric Bolvin are likely to get almost as many opinions on this as there are Strads.

As others said, play them, pick the one that feels / sounds best to you. kids and their Directors worship at the altar of Bach Strad 180S37 so with a glut of them on the market they often do not hold their value and can be had at a good price.

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Besides the obvious regarding dents and other damage, things to look for include: 1.

Model 37, silver plate, 644xxx I'm not sure why he had purchased so many of the same model. Anyways, I spent a few hours play testing all these instruments but just do not have the skill level to determine which horn is best. I'm like you, in that I might have trouble picking the "best" player.

Or am I totally off base and should I be looking at Yamaha 6335's, B & S Challengers or something else like a lightweight 8310Z? If these horns truly play identically (within your ability to tell the difference), choose the one that is cheaper and/or likely to retain more of its value than the others.

I would guess that he bought them because the market is flooded with H. I am going to guess he is selling the average ones and keeping the one that really sings for himself!

Obviously no one needs 5 180S37's all at the same time!

In regards to serial numbers, there have always been good and not so good horns.

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