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Get the one in the best shape with regard to valve wear and such.

Put a 7 or 43 pipe on it and get the valves aligned and then give her a sexy,exotic name and treat her with tlc and let her be your muse! Most of the time used Bach trumpets simply need to be cleaned out or have fresh valve pads (proper dimension! I buy horns all the time that people have grown to dislike and usually there's a ton of crap in them, especially that spot between the third valve casing and the tuning slide. Embraer 170/175/190At this point, if you are just coming back to playing, it is very difficult to decide, based on limited skills.

That may eliminate the ones with the higher serial number because some people think they are of lower quality than the earlier ones. I would (1) bet that there are subtle differences in the horns and (2) would strive to find those differences and choose the one that most suits you, no matter what the serial number is.

Besides the obvious regarding dents and other damage, things to look for include: 1.

On that same note their are some really good clones out their and if you can afford one I think new is always better then used.

You might also find that certain valve combinations are always a bit out, no matter which notes. This is hard to see, but you might be able to get some clues looking into the leadpipe, especially at the mouthpiece end.Intonation - look closely at the low D and Db, as well as 4th space D, Eb, and E.I saw a post one time where someone said to play scales in the key of B because that key was notorious for being out of tune.I came across an older gentleman that is a friend of the family that has offered to sell me one of the many Strads he has acquired over the years. He has them priced so that the later serial numbers are a couple of hundred dollars higher. Although a Yammie Zeno is a good horn and quite popular, and although the Bach 37 isn't my cup of tea (I play a 43 lightweight most of the time), a good Bach 37 is a great horn that will last you a lifetime.

They all play similar with nice fast valves, tone is similar, all intonate well, and all are in excellent condition with only minor wear. If you have a more practiced friend, let him try them out.But, one man's irritation can be another man's nirvana. This list is by no means comprehensive, but might help you decide. Perhaps if you take the serial number, divide by the radius of the earth's orbit, subtract the number of days left in that particular lunar cycle, and up the birthdays of the shop foreman during the construction of each horn, divide that number by the speed of the earth's rotation, multiply by the speed of the moon around the earth, and then correlate that to the closest number in the Fibonacci sequence... The best position for you to take is to assume they are all the same. one of the most opinionated topics..most certainly regarding serial numbers.It's like picking out a puppy..home the one that crawls out of the litter box and barks at you._________________ leadpipes Some practical things to look for: Closely inspect the silver plating for little black spots, blisters, flaking or even soft spots in the tubing.After a 30 year hiatus, I'm looking to play trumpet again and am looking for a good instrument to be used in a community band setting and weekend wedding/coffee house jazz type gigs. Can anyone offer as to which Strad may be the best out of the bunch based on serial number? He may feel a blow difference which you might only notice later, when you are on your game.

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