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Beer consumption also flourished under the Babylonian Empire, but few ancient cultures loved knocking back a few as much as the Egyptians.

Workers along the Nile were often paid with an allotment of a nutritious, sweet brew, and everyone from pharaohs to peasants and even children drank beer as part of their everyday diet.

Leave to rest on top of the can for 10 minutes before serving.

If you’re searching for an original brewmaster to toast the next time you knock back a cold one, you might be out of luck.

Foster’s Lager premiered in Melbourne on 1 February 1889 (the city’s hottest month).

In an ingenious marketing ploy, any hotel that agreed to sell Foster’s received a free supply of ice and the concept of drinking a cold beer on a summer's day (up until this point beer was consumed at room temperature) quickly caught on.

Terry’s lighter colonial beers were much easier to drink in the Australian heat than the heavy European imports and soon barrels of freshly brewed Carlton Ale were being transported by Clydesdale to hotels throughout the city.

In the 19th century, most buildings in Melbourne were made of wood and although fires were common, there was no official fire brigade.

In 1887, New York-born brothers William and Ralph Foster used an innovative engine-powered refrigeration process to brew Foster's Lager and store it for 60 days at 1.6 degrees Celsius, which aided fermentation.In the early 19th century there were very few breweries in Australia, so people drank expensive imported brands from England or ‘rot-gut’ liquors - said to send men mad.Peter Degraves was a fixer; he devised a way to divert fresh water to Hobart town and even submitted plans for improving a Hobart jail during his incarceration there in 1826.Drink half the can of beer (you only want it half full) then carefully place the chicken on to the beer can so the chicken is sitting upright with the can in the cavity.

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Only six crowntainer cans were produced in Olive Drab Boston Light Ale 192-15, Fitzgerald's Burgomaster Beer 193-34, Fort Pitt Beer 194-7 & 194-8, Hudepohl Pure Lager Beer 195-23, and Old Topper Lager Beer 197-35. All of these cans also carried a “Withdrawn Free” statement.… continue reading »

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But, because there are no standards or requirements for indicating beer age, each brewery employs its own method for dating its beers. If you're still unable to find any freshness information after checking the label, bottle/can, carrier, and case carton, it is likely that there is no date code, so you'll have to take your chances.… continue reading »

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Jun 5, 2008. "Beer Can Collector's Bible" by Jack Martells has photographs and approximate dates of thousands of beer cans. "United States Beer Cans, Vol I" by the Brewery Collectibles Club of America, discusses methods of dating flat top and cone top beer cans. "United States Beer Cans, Vol II" by the Brewery.… continue reading »

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