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Yet, I always hear constant BS from people, particularly women, berating me for the fact that I am "being preferential and shouldn't be focused on a girl's looks." Which is the biggest load of crap ever because by extension you should also be telling said people "You shouldn't also discount the same sex either! There could be a cute girl/boy out there that is your match as well! The only kind of blocking is to prevent adults from finding minors (assuming everyone has correctly input their age).

Hiding real names & pics is something people do on their own. It really gets under my skin when people pull out this shit on "you shouldn't decide based on race" or more generally "you're being shallow." For almost half my life now I have been more attracted to asian women than white women, I can't really say why, its just how it is....

I'm sure you could find one which would be willing to move to Japan. Plentyoffish has single girls from all over the world (Japan included) and it's free: Not sure how good this one is, but I've seen it mentioned/used on the gaijinpot forums: checked out these two and the latter has heaps of Japanese girls, shouldn't be too hard to meet someone on there.

Edit: On closer inspection, it would seem the foreigners outnumber the Japanese; lots of Wapanese on there.

I just looked at his situation and thought it might not be in his best interest to put so much effort into looking specifically for a Japanese girl.Recently ive been going on tokyo craigslist, but that place seems to be a dud I have only gotten 1 reply in the many emails I sent out and that was just them saying that they werent interested. I went on on their dating one, and signed up for a (free) account but I literally could not find a single woman on that site.All the reccomened users were men(i am not joking).The very reason they want out of Japan is because they do not like being dominated (by Japanese men they have relationships with or by work & society) and don't want to be held by the standards of beauty (fashion, makeup, etc) expected in Japan (which admittedly is much higher than the west).

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As for advice on locations, mixi is the only realistic place to look.Not only is there a bigger pool to choose from, but until he stays in Japan long-term, how can he know he wants to live there?Therefore, if he's feeling lonely, he'd be getting more bang (heh, see what I did there?Finding a girl to marry and moving to a country are two decisions with long-lasting effects, and I think it'd be more practical to separate the concerns.