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Adopted from Sonic Zero: Remastered and re-imagined into a new experience, players can zip through the pipelines of one of Robotniks oil rigs in the future, or explore the pirate grottos in the past.Deep under Tidal Tubes lurks the ruins of an underwater mother ship.Warp around the future on magnetic orbs from Sonic & Knuckles's bonus levels, or explore the castle in the past through spiraling portals.Far out in the badlands, pursue and explore the suspicious "Drifting Dynamo Airship" and explore the twisted desert down below in the future, or venture through the much more lush past and Sky Chase your way around on the Tornado to find the origins of the Dynamo.Blast through cannons at your own choice of direction through the city, or navigate windy currents and avoid mechanical dinosaurs in the past.This gorgeous winter wonderland with a calming atmosphere hosts a huge castle complex in the past that gets ruined into a toxic frozen wasteland in the future.

When one fills a slot, they can go to any previous act and time period that they have visited, however note that Special Stage Rings won't reset until finishing the game.

Note that although this file select shares many aspects with the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 file select, it doesn't include a "No-Save Mode", and you can use the level select without finishing the game.

The soundtrack for the game, named Dueling Ages was produced by Zach Hinchy with tracks from LARKSS, Andy Tunstall, Ex Shade, and others. Sonic Time Twisted Version 1.0 on Game Jolt (78MB) The source code for Sonic Time Twisted is available on Git Hub and is licensed under General Public Licence v3.

Robotnik's robots in the future, but still under construction in the past.

Test your acrobatic skills on the tightrope, or keep your head up in the ball pits.

In Sonic Time Twisted, the player controls just as Sonic and co. Like in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, the player must use time poles (now adjusted to be instant) to travel through two different time zones, Past and Future.