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He also owned a lumber mill, which was burned down by white neighbors after Scott refused to lend his mill to a white male logger.

Mollie was born a slave to plantation owners Jim Blackburn and Adeline (Blackburn) Smith.

She became active in the nascent civil rights movement; she joined the Antioch chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the college's Race Relations and Civil Liberties Committees.

The board denied her request to perform her second year of required practice teaching at Yellow Springs public schools, for her teaching certificate Coretta Scott appealed to the Antioch College administration, which was unwilling or unable to change the situation in the local school system and instead employed her at the college's associated laboratory school for a second year.

In her early life, Coretta was an accomplished singer, and she often incorporated music into her civil rights work.

King played a prominent role in the years after her husband's 1968 assassination when she took on the leadership of the struggle for racial equality herself and became active in the Women's Movement. Kennedy's phone call to her during the 1960 election was what she liked to believe was behind his victory.

Before starting his own businesses he worked as a policeman.

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His mother threatened her, and along with the words of her siblings, stirred her to becoming more ladylike once she got older.Bernice's older siblings, however, attended boarding school at the Booker T. She served as Worthy Matron for her Eastern Star chapter and was a member of the local Literacy Federated Club.Obie, Coretta's father, was one of the first black people in their town to own a vehicle.Coretta Scott was born in Marion, Alabama, the third of four children of Obadiah Scott (1899–1998) and Bernice Mc Murry Scott (1904–1996).