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04-Feb-2018 01:58

However, those who have experienced it know how upsetting and draining it can be, and their fear is very real.

As we spend more and more of our lives online, being able to protect your personal information and rid yourself of a cyberstalker easily is very important.

Over three years, 2.5 million cyberstalking cases were reported, but only 10 were prosecuted by the Justice Department.

It’s important to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands, so you don’t end up with an online harasser.

There’s no need to get a second device when you use Burner.

Burner can help protect your privacy in multiple ways.It’s also important to manage and be aware of what privacy settings you use on social media channels.To protect the personal information you choose to share on social media from being used to target you, make sure that your privacy settings are closed to strangers and people you don’t know.By giving out a Burner number instead of your personal digits, you have the power to get rid of a cyberstalker simply by deleting the number.

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Burner is an app in your smartphone that’s simple to use.

That way, if someone decides to abuse the privilege of having your personal information, you have the power to discard that information without disrupting your personal life.