Chivalry while dating

30-Aug-2017 18:01

She’d just assume that you want to check her ass as she walks ahead!

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Reflecting back on medieval times, can a man really be that chivalrous today or would that just be considered stupid? Unfortunately, the men of today don’t know what that legacy was all about, and most men have no idea about the revered Code of the Knights. On one hand, they swoon over men who show the slightest bit of chivalry, and on the other, women seem to be killing chivalry slowly! Back in the days of yore, men knew how to be chivalrous.And they are usually the ones that get pissed off if you don’t wipe their seat before they park their backsides, or get totally upset and act aloof if you don’t pull a chair back for them or hold the door open. As demanding as she seems, she would acknowledge your gesture, or at least know deep inside that you care (hopefully? If she doesn’t seem to care, then just cut down your chivalrous moves.Blame your loss of chivalry on her, which is the real truth anyways, because she didn’t give a damn when you were being nice, so why care.The first thing you need to know is how to be chivalrous, and the second thing you need to know is that women always need reassurance.