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In 1970, Carla finds herself in another love triangle, this time being courted by high-flying politico Bert Skelly (Herb Davis), and police lieutenant Ed Hall (Al Freeman, Jr.).

Bert is a slick career politician who seems to promise the good life that Carla desires.

After breaking up with Jim, Carla comes clean to everyone in Llanview about her true heritage, including Price.

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The revelation ruins their relationship once and for all. Carla is able to mend fences with her mother, though.This forces them to postpone the wedding as Carla is first nearly killed when her brakes fail and again when she is lured to the jeweler's by a mysterious man who poses as a policeman.Carla meets with the man, who points a gun at her and tries to kill her until Joe Riley came to her rescue.In this new position, she later has to prosecute Ed on manslaughter charges for a police drug bust gone wrong.