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24-Jan-2017 04:26

This prohibition also applies to relationships between undergraduate teaching assistants or graduate assistants/associates and students in the classrooms or courses they support, as well as relationships between residence hall employees and students in the residence halls they support.

Supervision may occur on or off campus, in curricular, co-curricular, or extracurricular activities.

Implementation of an alternative arrangement does not preclude further investigation and/or disciplinary action.

Investigations, if necessary, will be carried out in accordance with EWU Guideline 401-01, Investigations, EWU Policy 402-04, Investigations of Employees for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Relationship Violence, and Stalking or any other applicable EWU Policy. Disciplinary Action If, after an investigation, the appropriate authority determines that a violation of this policy has occurred, violators will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, in accordance with any applicable collective bargaining agreements and university policies. Criminal Acts Suspected violations that may also be criminal acts will be referred to University Police for investigation in addition to any investigation under this policy.

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A romantic and/or sexual relationship between an employee and a student or between a supervisor and a subordinate can lead to a complaint of sexual harassment if the student or subordinate perceives he or she was exploited.

Alternative arrangements should, to the extent possible, avoid negative impacts on the student/subordinate.