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Minimum distance from the Earth (perigee) - 181 km, maximum distance from the Earth (apogee) - 327 km. The landing occurred at 10 hours and 55 minutes (Moscow time) on the shore of the Volga near Smelovka village of Ternovski district of Saratov region. The command was proposed to increase personnel of CTC, which included 80 cosmonaut posts, to subordinate combined Aviation Regiment to the Center for cosmonaut training, to withdraw CTC from Air Force Institute of Aerospace Medicine (), making it an independent organization subordinated directly to the command of the Air Force. By the order of Air Force Commander the Center was withdrawn from the authority of Chief of State Research & Test Institute of Aerospace Medicine ( ) and was subordinated to Air Force Deputy Head of combat training.

3 was launched into orbit with the following parameters: orbital inclination - 64.95 deg.; Orbit time - 89.34 min. At an altitude of several kilometers from the Earth the cosmonaut ejected himself from the descent module and using parachute he landed nearby the descent module. Kamanin reported to Air Force command about necessity for reorganization and expansion of Cosmonaut Training Center. The group consisted of: Janna Dmitrievna Erkina, Tatiana Dmitrievna Kuznetsova, Valentina Leonidovna Ponomareva, Irina Baianovna Solovieva, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova.

Having become one of the world’s biggest airlines in the 1930s, operating several thousand aircraft, Aeroflot in the 1950s became the first carrier to employ the then revolutionary Tupulev Tu-104 jets.

In the 1970s, Aeroflot went on to become the first airline to have carried over 100 million passengers in the world.

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THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR AEROFLOT ON ITS 85th BIRTHDAY - RUSSIAN AIRLINE HOPES TO DOUBLE PASSENGER NUMBERS- Former Soviet state carrier has undergone total overhaul- Airline now features one of the most modern fleet in the world - European airline acquisitions and aircraft purchases in the pipeline- Ultra-modern terminal at Moscow airport to be completed next year AS the Russian airline Aeroflot celebrates its 85th birthday, CEO Valery Okulov reflects on the history of one of the world’s oldest carriers and outlines the company’s ambitious future growth plan to double its passenger numbers by 2015. After one orbit around the Earth the descent module of the spacecraft landed on the Soviet Union territory. A group of female cosmonauts was formed in the Soviet Union (1962 A group of female cosmonauts number 1). Sattarov In 1985-1987 cosmonaut training was carried out with another group of test pilots of Flight Research Institute of MA (Ministry of Aircraft Production) and the Air Force State Research &Test Institute: V. AEROFLOT THEN AND NOW “We are tremendously proud of our rich and longstanding aviation heritage, our contributions to the development of the commercial airline sector and of the industry standards we have set over the past 85 years.

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Our past achievements motivate us to spread our wings and to continue to succeed in the future,” said CEO Valery Okulov.

Following the break up of the Soviet Union in 1990, Aeroflot was divided into more than 300 separate companies.