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25-May-2017 08:24

Besides the point, let’s say you had two or more PDF files on your Mac that you wanted to combine into one single PDF file. We’ll show you how to merge two or more PDF files into a single PDF file with the Preview app on your Mac in this tutorial.

If you’ve ever wanted to combine multiple PDF files into one, or selectively add certain pages from a PDF file to another, so that you didn’t have a ton of related PDF files laying around all over the various folders on your Mac, then you can use Preview to easily combine any number of those PDF files together into one.

While it's not possible to do this with Adobe PDF Reader, you can use Combine PDFs.

This nifty tool lets you add an unlimited number of PDF items and merge them.

Combine PDFs is a very useful little tool to combine all your PDFs into one.

You sometimes need to join and view all your PDFs, whether to print them out, read or simply organize.

Of course, if a PDF file is locked, then you’ll have to know its password before you can start plucking it apart as we talk about in this tutorial.

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Quick side note: joined PDF’s can often be quite large, if the resulting file is too large you can reduce the file size by adjusting the Quartz filter used.

Drop some PDF or picture files on the application or the main window. Enter some meta information like the Title and save the new PDF.