Consolidating two excel spreadsheets dating after coming out

08-May-2017 21:59

In this tutorial, we will use the consolidating sample file. The workbook contains four worksheets, and all those worksheets are data collections that you can use to combine into a Pivot Table.

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To locate the command, start by selecting the Data menu and then the Consolidate command, which will then prompt you to select one of the three consolidation options.

It’s very important that your data be in a perfect rectangle. If we were to have Product in cell B2, and Year in cell C2, the data values would not be perfectly rectangular.

In this case the Pivot table consolidation technique will not work.

The key combination what we need to use this tool the following. Excel displays the The Pivot Table Wizard dialog box.

A short summary of data tables before we consolidate the worksheets: Sames ranges, same shapes and same labels are required to combine datasets into a pivot table.Microsoft Excel features a data-consolidation function that allows several tables to be consolidated into a single summary report.Consolidating the data often facilitates easier editing and viewing of information since it can be seen in aggregate form as a master spreadsheet.The consolidate by position function works best when the data in the separate tables is consistent in position and arrangement.

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