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The identification of the ancestral MSY3 haplotype will expedite investigation of the mutation leading to the domestication of the hermaphrodite Y Gender in papaya is genetically controlled by a sex-linked region that behaves like an XY sex chromosome, and maleness versus hermaphroditism is controlled by slightly different sex-specific Y chromosome regions, Y (HSY) in hermaphrodites and Y (MSY) in males. The corresponding region of the X is only 3.5 Mb, and both the Y and Y) is inviable, and the embryos abort 25–50 d after pollination, suggesting that the Y chromosome types are similar and that both are missing an essential gene that is functional in the X.

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Inversion 2 includes 18 genes that appear to correspond to complete transcripts, all of them with X-linked counterparts, plus three pseudogenes.The MSY sequences from wild males include three distinct haplotypes, associated with the populations’ geographic locations, but gene flow is detected for other genomic regions.The Y chromosome has lower nucleotide diversity than the Y, or the genome regions that are not fully sex-linked, consistent with a domestication bottleneck.chromosome (HSY) and its X chromosome counterpart were sequenced and analyzed previously.