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13-Oct-2017 08:13

Dear Prudie, My 2-year-old son is enrolled in a day care program run by a woman who works from her home, along with two assistant teachers.The head teacher is very warm, and I’m confident that my son’s emotional needs are being met.Dear Prudence, I’ve been dating a loving man named “Andy” for nearly three years, and we recently moved in together.We both had marriages that ended badly, and we feel truly compatible.I worry that a family member or close friend will say something in his presence, assuming that he knows. The surgery is not magic; if people haven’t dealt with their underlying issues, they can slowly stretch their stomachs and the weight returns.

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My mother is extremely concerned that this lack of a formal child-development-oriented program is holding my son back.The way she describes it, it seems like all the other 2-year-olds she meets are debating current events and solving algebra problems, while my son sits around all day with a chew toy and a ribbon of drool hanging from his chin.My parents have offered to help cover the costs of the “fancier” day care in the area that I can’t afford, but they can’t afford it either!It’s remarkable that no one in your circle has said anything so far, and the longer you go without telling Andy, the more likely he is to find out inadvertently from a casual comment.