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The solution - use sandpaper (300 or 400 grit works fine) and scuff up the bar where it fits in the riser and also clean the paint off the riser.Pictures help: No need to go crazy with the sanding.I’ve switched over to aluminum dirt bike handlebars for many of my street bikes.One catch with putting aluminum handlebars on a KZ1000 is that the turn signals might suddenly stop working.Just enough to get a good ground connection between the bar and the clamp. For vintage bikes like the KZ1000 you’ll probably need a 7/8 inch bar diameter.Next, bolt the top clamps on, install the handlebar controls, hand grips etc. If these parts aren’t sanded the bike will probably run fine EXCEPT the turn signals might not work consistently or they might not work at all. Be careful when you’re shopping for handlebars because a lot of dirt bike bars are 1 inch and 1 1/8 inch diameter.

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If you pay attention to the information provided here, you can get the most bang for your buck and have a strong running Kawasaki as the end result. KZ900 - 1015cc KZ1000 - 1105cc [1075cc is suggested as the safe size without potential heating issues]Do I need to weld the crankshaft?If you cut a wire too short at the beginning, you might need to buy another set of wires or figure out if that short wire will work on another spark plug and switch wires out.Aluminum Handlebars for your KZ1000 I like aluminum handlebars because they don’t rust!For other bikes, KZ650′s for example, many owners use “L” brackets, attaching the brackets to the original frame mounts then using the angle (other side of the “L”) to mount the coils.