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02-Sep-2017 01:21

Like Dunkirk and The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread creates an all-enveloping other world you fall into, and most highbrow cineaste types have fallen in love with it.

The set design is astonishing, with each scene like a glossy page in the world’s most elaborate coffee-table book.

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Anderson prefers to drop hints at what’s going on, relying on three astounding actors to convey entire soliloquies with the skillful arch of a brow and a stinging glance. Anderson would shoot 45 takes of a scene, polishing it to blinding perfection.

Or a spellbinding story with characters you care for and about, even if they’re appalling people?

These characters are tantalizingly intriguing, which makes it all the more exasperating that director Paul Thomas Anderson is so stingy about plot and character exploration.

If this were a normal movie, this would be a spoiler, but courtship by poisoning is no big deal and has scant consequence.

It’s just another odd thing people take in stride in the House of Woodcock.

Cyril is skeptical, protective of her brother, who bonded with her during their neglected childhoods.

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