Dating fable 2

02-Sep-2017 01:21

Like Dunkirk and The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread creates an all-enveloping other world you fall into, and most highbrow cineaste types have fallen in love with it.The set design is astonishing, with each scene like a glossy page in the world’s most elaborate coffee-table book.In his last role ever, the mad Method actor Daniel Day-Lewis (who is inexplicably retiring from film at age 60) plays Reynolds Woodcock, designer of exquisite clothes for rich women in 1950s London.

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She poisons him mildly, to make him dependent on her.

Worse, there are not nearly enough dramatic moments like Cyril’s threat.

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According to Alberts, Elkind, and Ginsberg the personal fable "is the corollary to the imaginary audience. Thinking of himself or herself as the center of.… continue reading »

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