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15-Apr-2017 14:32

But I've always believed a Champ / Vibro Champ being single ended class A would sound killer with a big ol' speaker.

I think it will fit sideways allright but will have to make the cab a little taller to fit the 15 inch speaker. If not, you can get a Jensen worth the money on E-Bay.

At 65 watts, it featured a wealth of digital wizardry including reverb, modulation and delay effects; 21 presets; MIDI compatibility and more. Apart from the Cyber-Champ, the Champion 30 DSP evolved into 2004’s Champion 300, another solid-state 30-watt 1×10” model with dual channels and a wealth of effects.

A modern Champ renaissance came in 2007 with three new models and a return to tube technology.

I just acquired a 1978 Vibrochamp in excellent condition.

The speaker is a Jensen Concert Series which I believe we're the warranty replacement speakers.

I like the speaker but it rattles and only stops when I press against the magnet. I'm thinking of a Jensen C8R but am looking for recomendations. I have a Vibro Champ that "used" to have a 10" speaker in it.

The previous owner cut a big ol' notch out'a the bottom to make it fit.

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A new and very different Champ then appeared—1982’s Champ II boasted a 10” speaker, all-new circuitry including a master volume and bright switch, and an enormous 18 watts of power from dual 6V6 power tubes (all previous Champs never pumped more than 6 watts).

I have decided to make a new cab to house a 15" speaker.

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