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01-Apr-2017 10:39

The envelope read: “To MY DEAR wife and my life partner.” (The stress was on the words written in bold). She so much wanted to tell him that she had got over Nikhil long back and from the time she had agreed to date him she had not thought of Nikhil even once.. “Give it a chance dear,” Pritish said in a mellowed tone and went to sleep. She smiled faintly and said, “Let’s hurry; we need to pack for the evening flight.” They reached Malé International Airport by morning.

In addition, we take a trip to another ancient capital, Nara, catching a glimpse of its remarkable Todaiji Temple famed for being the world’s largest wooden building that houses the country’s largest Buddha statue, Deer Park where over 1,000 free roaming deer abound, and Kasuga Taisha, one of the most celebrated Shrines in all of Japan.She was wearing a navy blue night gown with lace work done on the sleeves with a deep neck line, only to reveal the rise of her beautiful bosoms. Pritish has given me enough time when we were dating. He was getting ready when he saw his beauty walk up to him. “It looks exquisitely amazing Pritish,” Leona chirped out loudly. Pritish was opiated by his work yet he made sure he arranged this trip.It had thin straps to hold on to her body and was perfect enough to make her look sexy even at this hour of the night. I need time to know him too.” She wasn’t sure if it was going to work out between them but there was a ray of hope. “I just wish I could hold her tight in my arms right now,” Pritish thought. He wanted to make Leona feel comfortable with him in every way. Cool blue water, exotic tropical flowers around, a private villa, a private bar, sapphire lagoons, breathtakingly picturesque surroundings and a beautiful couple like Pritish and Leona. Pritish wanted to take Leona for some outdoor water sport as she loved it.Breaking into a crooked smile he said, “That serves the purpose.” Pritish was a guy who was disciplined yet cool, challenging yet generous, modest and mostly fun loving.