Dating made easy Ipad dex chat free no registration

19-Jun-2017 01:00

What it is, however, is a handy app that allows men (why no women?

) to power search for hotties on, Plentyoffish and OKCupid, and filter results to one place, send messages using pre-loaded templates and wait for the lovelies to As Dating Site Dominator pontificates in its blog: Finding "the one" is a quest that humanity has been embarking on for generations, going back in time all the way to our very primordial ooze.

I love athletic women and I am also into biking." Don't know if such suave talk will get Amanda or those like her to reply, but the app allows users to fire off hundreds of messages using such tools, which kind of takes away that personal touch, but hey, this is a numbers game, right?

Right now, the app only works with Match, Ok Cupid, and Plentyoffish, but it promises many more are on the way.

) Here's one of many testimonials from one of the app's users, "Russel from California," a very busy professional who doesn't have time to wade through all the girls clogging up his email and who wants to "cut to the chase": Another extols the advantages of this kind of app, which will surely give fellas more time for video games, or whatever else can take the place of all that online soulmate searching: The templates — which are basically field generators — is where the men will break away from the boys, if they're creative enough.

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