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Not being able to take big leaps or fine-tune the setting is actually the main problem with old design and exactly the reason why you want to have an interaction point that supports both.

With this thing I can set a specific date /- 10 years within seconds. I got inspiration for the knob from an earlier version of the Alesis’ Midiverb ( that a friend of mine bought around 2000.

Besides these two main parts, which make up the knob, I more or less used j Query, CSS and the Date object to build the whole thing.

When Humaira Mubeen graduated from college in 2012, she fumbled around for a place that felt true to her.

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How can they still exist when they work so badly on touch devices?Unfortunately, his college town’s tight Muslim community yielded a dearth of prospects: “Everyone was either engaged or married, or too young for me.” But, in Minder, a swipe-right-or-left app described as the Muslim Tinder, he found the connective medium he needed.After a couple of months of matching and messaging, he swiped right on Virginia-based Leyali.Last May, her team released an i OS version of the app called Ishqr, billed as “a platform to connect young and multifaceted Muslims.” Ishqr joins a host of new Muslim dating apps.