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Different fare levels may be introduced on some routes for the same fare code depending on the date of your trip (seasonality).

When you return a partially used ticket (provided it is allowed by the fare rules), the difference between the fare you paid and the fare for the actually completed part of the route (which must be in the same fare group) will be refunded to you, and a fee established by the applicable fare rules will be charged.

The return trip must commence no earlier than the next Sunday after the date of departure to the destination. No restrictions for domestic flights within the Russian Federation.

Summary: In 2014, Russia broke out of the post–Cold War order and openly challenged the U. Moscow’s new course is laid down first and foremost by President Vladimir Putin, but it also reflects the rising power of Russian nationalism.

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These terms and conditions apply to fares for air carriage on scheduled PJSC “Aeroflot” flights as well as PJSC “Aeroflot” codeshare flights operated by Aurora and Rossiya Airlines.

YVU, BVU, MVU, UVU, KVU, HVU, LVU – no restrictions.

QVU, TVU, EVU, NVU – one or more days and/or subject to the condition that the return trip must commence no earlier than the next Sunday after the date of departure to the destination, or with no restrictions.

If a return flight has been booked within the same price unit in different classes or at a combined fare with different rules of use (destinations with special terms and conditions for fares), then the entire flight indicated in the ticket is subject to fare rules with more stringent restrictions on the validity term of carriage obligation, reimbursement, and changes to ticketed carriage legs on the route to destination and back.

If the route has been valued within two or more price units, then the fares, fees and terms and conditions for fares application established on the date of carriage shall be applied separately for each price unit.The root cause of the dramatic reversal was the failure of Russia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic political, security, and economic systems despite repeated attempts.In 20, the pretense of partnership became increasingly untenable.PJSC Aeroflot reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions for fare rules.