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Dealing with abusive situations can be very overwhelming and stressful.Taking one step at a time can be very helpful in overcoming larger tasks later.Reading this page and looking for strategies to be emotionally safe is already an amazing step that you have taken!Designating a physical place where your mind can relax and feel safe can be a good option when working through difficult emotions.Children are never too young to learn about food safety.

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Remember that you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with right now, but taking small steps can help options feel possible when you are ready.You can also encourage friends and family to take it too, by sharing your score and the Kitchen Check on Facebook or Twitter using the icons that appear.The theme for Food Safety Week 2013 is Kitchen Check.This can be a room in your house, a spot under your favorite tree, a comfy chair by a window or in a room with low lights. Adding other elements such as calming music, plants or tools to journal is an option to explore (just be sure that your abusive partner does not have access to your personal journals).