Dating sex story

24-Aug-2017 02:45

Finding herself in 69 pose she took her time and began caressing David’s balls with her lips; he moved a bit back and then forth, pushed his hardening head into her mouth.

Simultaneously he moved her legs more widely apart and bent them in knees and a moment later the second finger was in her bottom.

Melanie was shocked of such an attack, tears came out of her eyes; three fingers were working in her butt and his phallus managed to go through her gullet and sank deeply into her throat.

Melanie was afraid to move at this moment because she could hurt something in her throat, however all went right and David stayed in for 3 seconds and then took his stem out of her gullet letting her breathe, sank in again and again.

She had already forgotten about the dried semen on her face, desire to visit the restaurant today, she was just enjoying the process. She felt David’s hot breathing, his body power; she was giving away entirely and liked it.

Arousal was growing like a snowball; she started helping David wishing to cum together.

Description: The Sex Story is about Kylie - a super hot blond babe and Roberto - a handsome Italian guy.Melanie felt David stood up and moved to her straddled legs, took her ankles in his hands, then raising and moving them widely apart he set his prick against her butt and a few seconds later Melanie twitched from the stiff and hot cock coming into her ass.David stopped when his thick head went through the sphincter entirely; Melanie understood that the cream he had thoroughly spread her bottom with had anesthetic effect.Assisting her own plans she lowered her hands from his back to the hips and now she was keeping him inside with her arms and legs.

She needed only a few minutes to achieve her goals and she made up her mind to get that each time they finished the gang bang.She had tears in her eyes and started gasping, when he was doing it for the last time she was able to free herself and let the prick out.David was happy to realize that Melanie allowed him hot only ordinary fucking but mouth-fucking, too, so inspired by all that he decided to get busy with her bottom where his three finger were working already.A few more minutes and he asked “Can I cum inside you?

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