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16-Jul-2017 17:34

(sort of like a southern Indian girl- darker than a normal Indian girl) I'm an undergraduate student in University of Colombo and lives in Colombo Sri Lanka.

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I am a white male seeking a indian girl to talk to and be friends with.

It was complicated and chaotic and her father dies and it became all too much but i miss her terribly. Love animals, the outdoors, and just having good company.

However my problem is that i cant see myself with anyone other than an Indian woman. I'm 44 years old, but have been told that I look/act at least 10 years younger than that. If you would like to chat hit me up at yahoo Hi I am a gora - and much as I love some of my Indian male friends to bits, they mainly had an arranged marriage, produced kids quickly (preferably a boy - and I have seen grown men an women cry when it is a girl),expect dinner on the table before they fly the nest to go to the pub etc.

I am totally attracted to Indian girls and I am moving to Bangalore to work.

I would really like to meet some Indian girls from Bangalore who would like to go out for dinner, a drink or something else..Better find love elsewhere, than marrying controlling & closed minded Indian men. Skype; SHAN AUYes Indian woman is totally irresistible. dark skin woman, black hair, black eyes, round face, feminine figure and intriguing Eastern culture makes many Caucasian/white man melt. My boyfriend is German and Italian and i'm Indian (north indian) and British.Not to mention, Indian men are not good looking, hairy, not muscular & short. I just want to give a little tip: Indian girls love it when you compliment them, especially on their eyes or clothes :)I love the traditional sari's on Indian women, it's very beautiful and I so love their eyes and skin tone.My only preference in men is exclusively Caucasian and no other race has really held my interest - I cannot give you a reason why - but I can only simply state that white skin, blond hair and coloured eyes holds a certain fascination for me and I seem to vibe with them very well too and maybe living in Europe among the Vikings :) for so long has had a great influence and added to my personal preference.