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16-Jul-2017 17:34

well if anyone interested in a serious relation ,than I'm here. And I have seen white girls with Indian men, so it goes both ways. It helps to live in New York or a big city, though, where it is more common to there...andrew.

To the guy who wrote that Indian girls are not interested in white guys keep dreaming: My wife is Indian and she's hot. i came across your profile and i decided to drop u a email.

Better find love elsewhere, than marrying controlling & closed minded Indian men. Skype; SHAN AUYes Indian woman is totally irresistible. dark skin woman, black hair, black eyes, round face, feminine figure and intriguing Eastern culture makes many Caucasian/white man melt. My boyfriend is German and Italian and i'm Indian (north indian) and British.

Not to mention, Indian men are not good looking, hairy, not muscular & short. I just want to give a little tip: Indian girls love it when you compliment them, especially on their eyes or clothes :)I love the traditional sari's on Indian women, it's very beautiful and I so love their eyes and skin tone.

I'm an indian female from South Africa and would love to meet a white guy for a serious relationship leading to marriage.

I am seeking someone I can talk to and hang out with and see what happens. I am a filmmaker and a photographer in Los Angeles.