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Because he doesn’t use Community jargon, he also makes you feel like you are hanging out with one of your boys.When around him, there is none of that pressure to pick-up the girl, to kiss her or to get her phone number.Sebastian knows how to explain how to act, think and speak like a highly attractive “elite” man. and if you get to go out with him, don’t be surprised that you or him end up with a woman in intimate situations that you would have never expected 45 minutes ago.He knows how to keep an interaction moving forward at an incredible speed and he’s an approach machine.Personally, his VAC model of attraction has been the biggest influence on my early understanding of natural game.What I learned the most from him is: have standards to how you expect people to treat you, believe in your own attractiveness and lead like a true confident man.Everything he teaches you is applicable immediately and it all starts with a good workout.Yep, you’ll walk A LOT for 3 days when you take his bootcamp because you will walk everywhere to meet women in the most mundane of situations.

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You are never at war, on the battlefield, trying to conquer the woman.As a coach, he takes immense satisfaction in seeing guys develop the foundational social skills that would make them successful with women.During his bootcamp, he doesn’t boggle your mind with endless theory.You are here to create a powerful (confident) image of yourself and let the chemistry happen.

The biggest lessons I’ve gotten from him are: listen, make everything your playground and use momentum to create more energy in the world around you. He’s very perceptive of the kind of energy a woman projects. David is a fast talker but sometimes, I wish he’d talk less…He will teach you a lot of high level, advanced beliefs, theory and techniques that will work wonders when you get your social skills basics down.He gives you the “best practice” model for you to work towards but sometimes I wish, he’d give more examples of how you can make that approach work FOR YOU.One of The Best Millionair Match Making Dating Site in the Internet. If you want to forget about your daily routine and relax with flirty buddies online and off, join Wild Buddies!