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19-Aug-2017 15:44

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It is very common for me and him to walk somewhere and chat with some women and right after we are done, he’d tell me: “Did you sense that sexual energy from her? especially when answering a simple client’s question.

LOL Sebastian is one of those guys that you can’t help but respect. ) but he understands the world with a wisdom that is only acquired by someone many times his age.

Everything he teaches you is applicable immediately and it all starts with a good workout.

Yep, you’ll walk A LOT for 3 days when you take his bootcamp because you will walk everywhere to meet women in the most mundane of situations.

Generally speaking, you’ll always find him very calm and relaxed.

It’s like he’s always aware and in control of his emotions.

David’s strongest source of charisma stems from the fact that he makes you feel energized.

You are never at war, on the battlefield, trying to conquer the woman.I have been a fan of Wayne’s teachings for a long time, from way back in the days before The Game by Neil Strauss was released.However, I never got the chance to hang out with him.When it comes to women, he has the ability to make them contribute to his lifestyle like no one I have seen.