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25-Feb-2017 07:26

Bundle it, run your tests, boot a server — maybe even try it a bit in production. If you’re not 5.2 ready yet, Rails 5.1.5.rc1 is also ready to test.

29 contributors crossed the tangled weave of the web this week to get their commits lobbed straight on to Rails’ master branch.

This is first of a serie of episodes recently released by DHH. In Rails 6.0.0, new application will run tests in parallel by default.

The number of parallel workers is customizable, and which one will have its own temporary database.

I recommend reading the awesome pull request description. This brings more flexibility on how arguments are passed to jobs.

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It’s Kasper bringing you the latest hot cup to steel transcendence from.

There were many more changes to Rails’ codebase, which you can check out here. Hello fellow Rubyists, this is Wojtek bringing you the polished set of latest Rails news.