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Home-made bread, olives and melted Camembert are offered with sparkling wine. I am here, via Sixdinnerslater.com, because I am intrigued by the new trend for putting food at the heart of the way to find friends or romance.We seem to have come full circle from communicating virtually and dating online back to the need for face-to-face conversation over a meal, and the internet is suddenly burgeoning with ways of making this happen.We do lots of connecting and story telling IRL around The Dinner Party table, but we are ALSO huge fans of sharing feels, the ugly, good and bad, in old school letters.Whether writing to a friend, a late loved one, or to no one at all, getting memories down with pen and paper can be a magical, radical act. Join in for happy hour tomorrow (Tuesday) night at @amityhallnyc super close to the W 4th subway stop for all your commuting needs. Happy hour meet n greet with The Dinner Party community next Tuesday night at @amityhallnyc.uk allows you to dine with a chosen social group, such as entrepreneurs, app developers, young professionals, women in business or aspiring performers.promotes meeting and eating with a peculiar welcome to its site – a photograph of a fat bearded man in a vest and a small boy about to tuck into a plate of fish heads.Nor do I walk into one of these dinners thinking I'm going to meet my next best friend or husband-to-be.

"This isn't a clique I'm trying to break into – we're a bunch of like-minded people meeting for the first time." Pepe, a charming French lawyer at Credit Agricole, who's gay and in a relationship, told me why he joined: "I used to belong to Michelin Mondays, a dinner club.

The most established site is family-run Dinnerdates.com, founded 23 years ago, which organises functions from drinks and dinner parties to visits to museums and weekends away, all with "professional hosts" to ensure everyone is introduced.

I chose Sixdinnerslater because it claims to know how to fix the current malaise at the heart of our society.

claims to be "reinventing the meal" by organising dinner guests into "prides".

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Male prides stay put and do the cooking while female prides move from house to house between the first course and pudding.As we move onto home-made tarte tatin, Katie and her guests are remarkably open, proving the adage that it's easier to shed one's armour in front of strangers than among friends.Katie, who works in Barclay's treasury department in Canary Wharf, confesses how upset she's been about having a hard time at work.It is with timidity that I arrive at a Camden tower block in north London one Saturday night to take up my first-ever online invitation.

It is so easy to get chemistry across the table! Join The Dinner Club for singles and meet that special someone in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.… continue reading »

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Established in 1997, The Raeburn Supper Club is a modern singles club specialising in dinners and events in Glasgow and Edinburgh.… continue reading »

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We are now holding our Singles Dinner Parties in Dublin. Our Dublin Singles Dinner Party is on Sat 14th Arpil 2018. Call our Dublin office on 01699 10 84 or Mobile 0851627964. So many Single People have found love at our Singles Dinner Parties. Why not be one of them? Traditional Matchmakers will introduce to 3 or 4.… continue reading »

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Oct 12, 2009. You've organised a dinner party for 18 people. Of the 18, you might only know one or two. Six guests are turning up in half an hour and the others won't arrive until nearer 10pm. No one will stay for more than one course but it's nothing to do with the quality of the food. This is safari dating. It sounds.… continue reading »

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A Table for Six, Ireland's newest dating phenomena, organising tables of six singles, for dinner all over Ireland. ​. The tables are matched according to age categories from single people in their 20's to their 70's, their professions, from all walks of life,interests, in locations all over Ireland. Best of all, you don't need a wing.… continue reading »

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Tapas Trail Singles Night, Meet Up, Date in Dublin, Meet new people, Singles Night in Dublin, Blind Date. Tapas Trail Dublin organizes dinner parties of up to 16 people – 8 guys and 8 girls – meet up in the city centre, visit 3 different restaurants where you'll sample the tapas and enjoy each. Is this a dating service?… continue reading »

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