Expectations on dating

28-Feb-2017 02:35

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When it comes to relationship expectations, how can you assume your partner will uphold every expectation you set for them if you don’t follow their expectations as well?If you expect your partner to treat you with love, kindness and care at all times, then you must do the same for them. Here are some tips with helping them transition from child to tween: Sons or daughters, we need to allow them to do hard things. * Do you have a son who is already approaching those teenage years?If faith is the cornerstone of your life, you should be with someone who shares your love for Jesus.With that being said, it’s also important to be open to people who may not look quite as you expected them to look. Bring her a case of her favorite soda, pick her flowers, or show up at her work for a surprise lunch date. You should write letters or notes to your love often. When the time is right & you’ve found that special someone, get down on one knee & ask her those 4 special words. They have a whole lot of fun making memories, but the whole purpose is to teach them how to date.

Perform acts of service for her; make her breakfast, take out her trash, offer her your jacket when she’s cold, you get the point.

From your co-worker to your best friend to your spouse, you have expectations of everyone in your life.