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Bernhard Loeb of Berlin patented a respirator (US patent #533854) in 1895 that featured a triple-chambered canister carried on the waist that contained liquid chemicals, granulated charcoal and wadding.

This respirator was used by the Brooklyn Fire Department.

Firefighters did not wear eagles before that, but eagles became associated with fire helmets ever since.

The beaver ornament adorning on many Canadian firefighters' helmets is said to represent firefighters' relentless hard work, focused mission and undying dedication.

George Neally patented a smoke-excluding mask in 1877 that he marketed to fire departments.

This device featured a face mask with glass eyepieces and rubber tubes, allowing respiration through a filter carried on the chest.

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Merryweather helmets were used by British fire brigades from the Victorian era until well into the 20th century.However, during World War II, military-style steel helmets were adopted, similar to the Brodie helmet used by the British Army, to improve protection during air raids.A composite helmet was reintroduced after the end of the war.This device used cotton saturated with glycerin, lime and charcoal to filter smoke particles and neutralize carbonic acid.

Trying to find a suitable mate to date can be complicated. There's plenty to consider, such as general compatibility, attraction and personality. Firefighters have a history of being sought after, particularly males, for their charming personalities and great physique. However, there's almost a dozen other.… continue reading »

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May 31, 2013. Being a firefighter isn't just any job, of course — it comes loaded with a lot of qualities that are traditionally associated with males and masculinity danger, adventure, bravery. For decades, little boys nationwide dreamed of being firemen when they grew up. In post 9/11 New York. firefighters have an even.… continue reading »

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