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05-Jun-2017 02:47

At lots of them, although there’s a sexy atmosphere, no actual sex takes place; they’re more about meeting fellow first-timers, sussing out the vibe to see if it’s your cup of tea, and making buddies so that if you do decide to graduate to visiting a more intense party, you’ve got like-minded mates to go with.Entry is often cheaper too, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out a fortune only to spend an expensive, excruciatingly awkward evening cowering by the wall after discovering that whipping a stranger’s ballbag really isn’t your bag after all.Think ‘hands in the air’, not ‘hands down somebody’s pants’.Just one warning: the ‘Crunch wine’ will leave you feeling like someone’s fired cacti at your head through a tennis ball machine the next morning. Crunch Torture Garden is probably one of the best-known fetish parties in the world.Skirt Club host private, female-only play parties in posh penthouse suites and luxury apartments, for women who want to intimately experiment with other women.

Enjoy the show and the grub, then leave early if you’re feeling nervy; stay late if you want to indulge your Sapphic side. Its a non-profit affair run by volunteers, with a strong emphasis on community and inclusivity: all genders, sexualities, body types, races and ages are welcomed, it’s disability-friendly, and there are even cheaper tickets for those on low incomes, so you can still get your fix of ‘schwing’ if you’re low on ‘kerching’.

Enter a secret no-men-allowed room at the back of the bar by stepping through a door hidden behind a huge mirror, where you’ll be entertained by burlesque performances and libidinous lectures, served bubbles and gourmet popcorn, and encouraged to socialise with other women interested in potentially ticking their ‘have another lady fiddle with my box’ box in future.