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This opens up a world of possibilities for consensual humiliation play, extroverts, voyeurs, experts and novices to visually connect online. It’s all up to you as a new acolyte of the BDSM Date community.• Slaves are not required to beg "entrance", but are required to at least greet the free (masters first, then mistresses) immediately upon entering, and to beg and wait to be excused when leaving or going afk.If a free person is abusive or unnecessarily rude to you, take it up with a moderator.

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Establishing a simple safe word, clearing away unsecured items or unwanted onlookers – and the online dating aspects of BDSM play are exactly the same.If you have asked twice (at least a minute apart), and there is no reply for three minutes after the second request, or if there are no free present, you are automatically excused.NOTE: Typing the full nick of a free person present will potentially get their attention, in case your request was missed.If anyone tries to order you to give out personal information, please report it!

• Slaves are to defer to the free and obey all reasonable commands.

The Gorean Chat Room for the Asj community is known as "The Sanctuary vidrew" The ' Sanctuary Vidrew' is Asj's Gorean chat room, all participants and visitors should consider this when entering or participating in this chat room. Respect the beliefs that these members observe and adhere to. Entry to provide service at Sanctuary Vidrew does not require permission. Just ask for "permission to leave" and it will normally be granted. A girl entering Sanctuary Vidrew will announce her entrance and include the name she has been given or is using. Names beginning with lower case letters will be considered to be names of slaves, either owned, or unowned.

Gorean Slave Training; Gor. Welcome to the Asj Online Community. Start your FREE trial membership today! No credit card required… continue reading »

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If you are claiming to be a Gorean slave, you will act like it or be kicked/banned! The following rules apply to all who claim the status of kajira/kajirus Gorean.… continue reading »

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