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CALIFORNIA – They call Santa Barbara America’s French Riviera. Misty mountains perch over salty beaches, and the ocean creates excitement in the air — it's a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts.Like the Riviera, the area's filled with celebrities (Katy Perry, Oprah), but the rich and famous are likely to tuck themselves away in beautiful estates hidden by overgrown eucalyptus trees and mustard flowers.It was in this very town that I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams.I was a college student and he was newly graduated and had entered the ministry, so we had to get creative about dating ideas on the cheap.Fortunately, you don't need big money to have a grand time here.For the frugal, the poor, and the collegiate among us, a weekend of riches is in store.As night sets in and you are feeling a little spontaneous, go ahead and sneak into the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort hot tub.

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Every so often, microorganisms of algae make their way to Santa Barbara.

The meal will be hardy and satisfying and only a short drive from the beach.

Go ahead and revel in the pyramid-shaped rice structures which accompany most dishes.

On your way back to Santa Barbara, pop into Ritz-Carlton Bacara, a fancy property tucked into the bluffs and overlooking waves crashing into the ocean below.

Cheap thrill: If you buy a bottle of wine from the Pool Bar you can access the hot tub.Stringing a hammock between the trees at sunset will make you count your lucky stars.Downtown Santa Barbara is a quirky blend of social classes, cultures, and interests.Definitely stop by the downtown location of Backyard Bowls on Motor Way street, walking distance to the beach.

Eco Friendly Dating is a place for single men and women who are interested in sustainable development and other green issues and who also have romance in mind.… continue reading »

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Apr 18, 2016. There's a new crop of allegedly female-friendly apps that are meant to be jerk retardant. The problem is, they're not delivering on their promise.… continue reading »

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Apr 7, 2017. Cannabis focused dating is very in right now. There are 21 million Google hits for “cannabis and dating,” cannabis-friendly dating services are offered by coaches like Molly Peckler, and if you're technologically inclined — there's an app for that. Several, in fact. In the age of cell phones, it makes sense that.… continue reading »

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