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Gary and Julia, You have a very nice website and a great looking facility.I appreciate companies whose plans align with Gods plan.In general, two views of the dating of this Gospel have been advocated: The second view has found favor because it has been felt more recently that John wrote independently of the other Gospels (see essay and chart, p. This does not contradict the statement of Clement referred to above. Further, the statement in 5:2 that there "is" (rather than "was") a pool "near the Sheep Gate" may suggest a time before 70, when Jerusalem was destroyed.

The literary style of this witness of Jesus is also unique among the Gospels; here focus is on the "signs" of Jesus' identity and mission and on lengthy, theologically rich discourses.

Sharing His hope, joy and peace with those we contact brings glory to God. We look forward to an evening out in between our busy schedules.