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18-Jan-2018 03:11

A circuit in the brain that helps produce defensive behaviors became less active.

Near that circuit is another circuit that triggers sexual arousal.

Dog urine still spooked them, and they could be trained to get scared of new stimuli. Sapolsky’s team then looked at where the parasite actually ended up in the rat brain.

They found cysts clumped around the amygdala, a region of the brain that’s heavily involved in fear and other emotions.

For a little over ten years, scientists have been investigating whether raises its odds of getting back into cats by manipulating their prey hosts.

Oxford researchers kicked thing off by releasing healthy and infected rats into large enclosures.

Now Sapolsky and his colleagues have looked even closer at the parasite’s effects.

They had rats sniff various odors and then examined their brains to look for a telltale protein called c-Fos.

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The scientists found two big differences in infected rat brains when they sniffed cat urine, both of which occurred in the region around the amygadala.

In 2006, they demonstrated just how precise effects are.

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