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Deeley turns to Katee and Joshua and grimly intones, “It’s not you.” I’m prepared to throw things at the screen on behalf of Kherington and Twitch when Deeley quickly turns to the other couple and says, “It’s not you either.” Such an eruption of jumping and laughing happens that I’m sure that every homeless puppy finds a home and all people are healthy and happy and peace and love forever reign in this world. “Go now, little ones,” Deeley murmurs, “I’ve got to send some other unfortunate dancers to the bottom three.”Who does end up in the bottom three? After that wonderful hip-hop routine, I’m really surprised. He waves and rubber bands and locks his way through “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).” When he gets to a back bend that goes down incrementally inch by inch I rub my eyes and wonder if I’ve overdone my meds.

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She also performed as a reform school girl in the "Bootylicious" number in the "Hairography" episode of the television show Glee.