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"Chicago has never been in Russia and none of us have attended their concerts," said Leonid Vorobyev, a multi-instrumentalist who is the band’s leader.

Vocals/Guitar A graduate of Tiraspol Rubinstein Musical College, Sergey has collaborated with many Russian pop and rock stars as a session musician both in the studio and in the live performances.

By Scott Schwebke In just three short years, Leonid & Friends has blown the minds of legions of fans with their uncanny ability to capture the spirit, musicality and fire of American supergroup Chicago.

"We have only audio records and videos (to help us learn Chicago songs)." Vorobyev wasn’t always a fan of horn bands, and as a teenager gravitated to the hard driving guitar-based sounds of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad.

Those musicians almost always were drunk and quite often tried to play with us our rock songs. " But that all changed when Vorobyev heard Chicago. "I loved so much the brilliant mixture of rock guitars, drums and jazz horns with bright vocal harmonies," he said.

In 2014, Vorobyev decided to indulge his love for the band by gathering a few fellow musicians in a studio to record a video of them playing his favorite Chicago tune, Brand New Love Affair.Sergey also writes songs and sound tracks for the Russian film industry.Vocals/Guitar Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, Serge is a graduate from the Kiev Institute Of Theatrical Arts.Vocals/Guitar A graduate of the Irkutsk College of the Arts and Institute of Contemporary Art.

Scott Schwebke has been a journalist for more than 30 years and a longtime fan of Chicagodating back to its incarnation as CTA. His work has appeared in the Los… continue reading »

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