Hr policies dating in the workplace

10-May-2017 03:17

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We live in a society in which our technology and the way we connect with others in changing rapidly.

As a result, employers must constantly revisit their policies with respect to electronic communications and social media use.

For more information about rights and responsibilities of employees and applicable regulations, e.g., Title IX, Equal Opportunity, visit our Rights & Responsibilities web page.

All employees are expected to be familiar with , a fundamental guide for all members of the Princeton University community, containing University principles of general conduct and regulations.

In addition to this site for HR policies, the University Policy website serves as a resource for the University community as a central repository of University policies that govern a wide range of University activities.

HR staff members play a vital role to help managers and staff interpret and apply our policies equitably and fairly, and everyone shares responsibility for protecting the well-being of the community and for adhering to norms of behavior that make this a great place to work.

Princeton University permits the hiring within the college community of individuals of the same family or those who have a personal relationship.

If the relationship exists, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that decisions are made in an unbiased setting.

Additionally, to avoid a conflict of interest or an appearance of conflict of interest, no employee may initiate or participate in, directly or indirectly, decisions involving a direct benefit, e.g., initial hire or rehire, promotion, salary, performance appraisals, work assignments or other working conditions to those related by blood or marriage, membership in the same household, including domestic partners, or persons with whom employees have an intimate relationship.

The potential for conflict of interest may also exist in close personal relationships which involve other than family relationships.

Unless otherwise noted within a policy, the vice president for human resources is the responsible executive for policies contained within this manual.

For more information, refer to the Introduction to HR Policy & Procedure Manual in the Introduction Section below.

If the union contract does not specifically address the policy, procedure, practice, or benefit, then the employee may infer that the description in this policy manual applies to the employee.

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