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She deals with this trauma by manipulating situations and people, alienating them in the process all the while, in reality, she looks for comfort and security in her life.Though she considers Brandon a close friend, she never tells him what happened to her and has trouble making friends in Beverly Hills, except for Steve who eventually forgives her.After being shunned by the Walshes and the rest of the gang, Valerie considers moving back to Buffalo, but decides to stay after learning that her mother has suffered a nervous breakdown.Steve unfairly blames Dylan for having a tryst with Valerie, and breaks his business agreement with the Peach Pit After Dark.Valerie is a cunning, smart, daring and strong woman, who is very capable, but suffered sexual abuse by her father and has trouble trusting people.Valerie moves to Beverly Hills after her father dies, to live with her old family friends the Walshes.Valerie later assists Dylan as he teams with a professional investigator to retrieve his sister and his fortune.

All in the meantime, Valerie begins to grow suspicions of Dylan's cash-flow state when she discovers him stealing money from the Peach Pit to support himself.

But to Kelly's surprise, she cannot get a sympathetic ear.

Even Brandon tells Kelly to give Valerie the benefit of a doubt.

Dylan then alienates Valerie more with his continuing drug use and attitude in which she walks out on him for good.

When Dylan is put in a coma after a car accident while driving under the influence of heroin, bizarre near-death dreams he has mirror his fight for life which involve his drug dealer, his high school principal Mrs.But unknown to everybody, Valerie is secretly revealed to be a manipulative, cynical and callous woman with a taste for drugs and hard liquor.Valerie secretly decides to pursue Dylan after finding Brenda's mementos of him in the Walsh garage, and begins hanging out at the pool hall where Dylan also drinks and hangs out.Teasley, Kevin, Suzanne, Erica, Valerie, the Walshes, and his own long-dead father, Jack.

Sep 18, 2017. Dating rumors surrounding Nas and Nicki Minaj picked up more steam following some pictures that the two posted on Instagram.… continue reading »

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Sep 11, 2017. Anaheim, CA – The bromance between Post Malone and Rich Chigga was on full display once again this weekend as Malone gave the Indonesian rapper an unusual but memorable gift for his 18th birthday. While backstage at Day N Night festival in Anaheim, California on Saturday night September 9.… continue reading »

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Valerie Malone is a principal character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. Bounty hunter Jay J. Jones returns and asks Valerie for help in a divorce case he has by posing as a prostitute in a sting operation to catch the husband in the act but it not work. Valerie and David pretend to be dating to make Donna jealous.… continue reading »

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Nov 4, 2013. Photo Jay Malone. 10. He is entitled to everything. 11. She isn't upset that you love the baby, but thinks the baby should love her MORE than you. 12. He tells his younger siblings not to make a mess. 13. Her heart swells with pride at her siblings' accomplishments.… continue reading »

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Oct 6, 2016. So, trying to maintain a dating life, a social life period, can be a daunting activity. Especially, as a. He can rock a tailored suit and spit Jay Z lyrics. He can rock a. In short, I need a Jeff Malone to my Jessica Pearson; the Fitzgerald Grants looking for Olivia Pope's — go ahead and swipe left. Jeff Malone.… continue reading »

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