Jazzed dating website review

07-Mar-2017 07:19

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– Difficult to get statistics, but possibly about 20% of people were physically abused as children, likewise. Then I multiply by hundreds of countries in the world, and by that time my brain has mercifully stopped being able to visualize what that signifies.

– About 9% of people (male and female) have been raped during their lifetime, likewise. Sexually molested as a child suffering from domestic violence 07. This wasn’t supposed to be a Christmas post, but it took me longer than I expected to write, so here we are.

I have three non-mutually exclusive theories for this: 1. It doesn’t count things that I couldn’t find good statistics on, like “had a child die recently”.

About two-thirds of people with chronic pain describe it as “constant”, and half of people describe it as “unbearable and excruciating”. I think about all of the miserable people in my psychiatric clinic. Then I multiply by ten similarly-sized clinics in my city.